The South East Orienteering Association

British Orienteering Championships held on April 1st - 2nd, 2006

Which incorporated the British Elite Orienteering Championships (long distance), British Relay Championships and British Trail Orienteering Championships.

The events were based around the town of Midhurst in West Sussex on areas not previously available for orienteering.

We hope you enjoyed participating, and found that your courses provided you with both mental and physical challenges.


Saturday 1st April am - BTOC, Iping Common, Midhurst
Saturday 1st April pm - BOC / BEOC, Furnace Wood, Woolbeding Common and Great Common
Sunday 2nd April am - BRC, Great Common


Main Officials:

Co-ordinator: Gary Strowbridge (GO), e-mail, Telephone 01730 812011 (before 21:30 please)

Treasurer: Barrie Pearson (SO)
Mapper: Roger Maher (SO/RLMaps)

BEOC/BOC Organiser: Sue Pearson (SO)
BEOC/BOC Planners: Neil and Sue Crickmore (SO)
BEOC/BOC Controller: Steve McKinley (SN)

BRC Organiser: Neil Harwood (GO)
BRC Planner: Tim Denton (GO)
BRC Controllers: Ian and Caroline Moran (SOC)

BTOC Organiser: Simon Ling (MV)
BTOC Planner: Julianna Grant (MV)
BTOC Controller: Dick Keighley (WIM)